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How to Choose a Gravestone Inscription

How to Choose a Gravestone Inscription

It is one of the toughest tasks but one that nevertheless has to be done. Choosing a headstone inscription for a loved one is not easy and no one wants to be the one to choose. After the loss of your loved one, you are already too much stressed and it might not be the best time to think about what to say of your loved one. Inscription on gravestones helps you to say it all at once.

The words to express your feelings might fail you during the funeral but after some time you will find a serene moment when the words come flowing. These are the words that you will include in the headstone/ tombstones inscription. If you are trying to look for the right headstone for your relative, here are some ideas:

1. Do it as family: Whether you have lost a brother or a parent, it is always good to involve other family members when you are choosing what to say on the headstone. Everyone has a different opinion regarding the deceased and when you meet and agree it will feel better when the inscription is written. Avoid contested inscriptions because they put a blotch in the deceased’s legacy.

2. Take your time: Did the deceased love poems or music? Were they for anecdotes or movies? Whatever the choice, make sure you take time to research. After all, this is someone you have known for long and this should not be too hard. Whatever you do never rush when it comes to choosing the right gravestone.

3. Don’t overdo the writing: It is understandable that you want to include all your emotions about the loved one but remember the space is limited. Avoid cluttering words because they don’t do justice to the deceased. Go straight to the point and avoid too many words.

4. Avoid overused phrases: ‘In loving memory’ is what comes to mind when thinking of an epitaph and that’s precisely the reason you should avoid it. You should customize your inscription to fit the life your loved one has lived. Make the gravestone inscription unique and bold so that everyone who visits the grave will see the meaning. Avoid clichés and instead go for a unique message that touches on the life of the deceased.

5. Talk to the living: While an epitaph is supposed to celebrate the life of the deceased, you can get bold and talk to the living by borrowing from the life of the deceased. For instance, you can advise them on how to live well as your loved one did.

6. Get humorous: There is nothing like humor when it comes to communicating the right message. You can embed humor into the message though it is a grave affair and readers will always marvel at your audacity.
7. Go traditional: When choosing gravestones, stick to the old and tired ways. Trends come and go but timeless gravestone designs still remain in every graveyard. Choose a timeless gravestone and you will find it more appealing every time you visit. A Gravestone inscription means a lot and that’s why you need to take time to research and find the right words to use.